Launched in 2015, Guru Pet Food has always placed an emphasis on improving dogs’ health and longevity, and their recent image campaign ‘Get Guru’ provided an opportunity for myself and retouch artist Sophie Morrison to get playful with the concept of healthy, clean-living dogs!

Within the Get Guru concept, a distinct personality was planned for each dog to feature in the set - from the Ultra-Zen Yogi to the Active Skater. Once these were decided, the real challenge began. None of these images were created using CGI, and instead each element of the image was cut, comped together and then illustrated to create the final poses.

To create the assets for each image in this unique approach, the talented and cooperative (for the most part) models had to be photographed in numerous poses, with shots taken of their limbs, their face and body to be later brought together in the retouch process.

We even shot expressions that we could use in the final comp, some zen like, some eating so that their mouths could be warped slightly into a smile.

We shot several dogs in studio on a cove with a combination of lighting setups and a ton of dog biscuit :-). Light modifiers used were polyboards, beauty dish and fill soft boxes, silver reflectors, lighting kit was Profoto B1's and I shot it on a Nikon D810, we used lots of props, a few bags of sand to create the beach scene in the polaroid photo, a deckchair, which we actually had the dog 'lean on" skateboards,surfboards, bandanas, hats, sunglasses, it was a bit crazy but great fun.

The dogs were generally well behaved and i only nearly lost one finger,! So all in all a quite successful shoot. 

Here are some results and BTS from the shoot.

A massive thanks to GURU for getting me involved