Four days in Johannesburg with THE MOB to shoot stills on this amazing blockbuster film directed by Paul WS Anderson.

A car transporter fully loaded with the latest Audi S Line models is hijacked by hi-tech thieves, abseiling from helicopters to secure the car transporter to a Chinook helicopter that carries the entire payload through the city skyline. A few near misses along the highway and a SWAT team find the luxury cars in an aircraft hanger thanks to the Audi S Lines’ on board tracking system.

A great and fiun shoot and you can view some of the stills below and the ad via this link

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The Sline A7

The Baddies!

Still of the police

The Baddies land on the carrier.

The helicopter used by the baddies, lucky as a bird flew by!

helicopter pilots

The Swat Team

The director, Paul WS Anderson